Len Webster

Biography of Len Webster

Len Webster says his main claim to fame was becoming the first person ever to be attacked by a monkey in a Smethwick street. The trauma was not enough to prevent him from travelling widely..though he continued to hold a deep grudge against monkeys!

Len Webster's Works:

' Lone Wolf: a memoir.. ' Kates Hill Press,2012 (ISBN 9781 904552 420) . Copies (£7-20p, including postage & packing) from: The Kates Hill Press,39 Cowley Drive, Dudley, DY1 2SS, UK.

''Hell-Riders' & Other Stories' (Times, Singapore,1994)

' Flight from the Sibyl ' (Limited Edition,1993)

'Beneath The Blue Moon' (Times, Singapore,1992)

'The Turban-Wallah: a tale of Little India' (OUP,1984)

'Behind the Painted Veil' (Outposts Publications,1972)

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Journey By Train

Am I reaching the pale stretch home now?
Wire-lines are confused and a complex pattern
Is weaving its changing way past scrapyards
And ghost-inhabited derelict stations.

Brushwood is sparse yet a thick undergrowth has
Busied its way skyward at the point
Where the canal intersects us, where the ghost
Of horse-beef nightly pulls the boat on.

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