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ღ ღ ღ Sweet Bondage ღ * ღ

If a slave needs a master,
Whip me softly and faster.
If a master needs a slave
I promise to be brave.
If it is a sweet bondage,
Tie my hands.
Put a blindfold over my eyes.
I need to see this pleasure
Inside of me…
If you want to make me ache
And cry,
Talk about love,
Say I can’t fly.
If a slave needs a master,
If a master needs a slave…
Our word is deprave…

Lenita T.Fღ * ღ

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The Most Sordid Game

Oh...she knows...
He is coming to play the sordid game...
And she just wants to die in the rain...
She is afraid, she is terrified, petrified in fear...
But she can't do anything...It is an awful stain...

What a shame, nobody sees...
She is in a cage...Who's got the key?
But it is there in the past, in what still lasts

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