Leon Agnew

Leon Agnew Poems

81. Slowly Yet Violently I Touch The Brake 2/27/2010
82. Smells Like Night Sweats 3/5/2010
83. Smiles Give Me Hope 3/1/2010
84. Something New 2/28/2010
85. Sparta, Kentucky 2/28/2010
86. Suddenly Flesh Disappears 3/1/2010
87. Sweet Little Thing 3/3/2010
88. Thanks For The Remains 5/10/2010
89. The Admonitory Allegory 2/27/2010
90. The Baby's A Jesus Child 3/10/2010
91. The Bridge 2/28/2010
92. The Flower Deflowered 3/17/2010
93. The Picture 2/27/2010
94. The Pit From Which None Return 3/1/2010
95. The Pumpkin's Blossom 3/20/2010
96. The Road Not Taken 3/7/2010
97. The Tragic Fall 3/1/2010
98. The Ugly Man 5/6/2010
99. The Ugly Window 5/6/2010
100. Tomorrow Golem 5/6/2010
101. Trouble Not Thyself 2/28/2010
102. Typhlops Russellii 3/2/2010
103. Unwilling 5/15/2010
104. What Else? 5/6/2010
105. What I Told Her 3/2/2010
106. Why The Caged Bird Screams 2/28/2010
107. Worthless 3/1/2010
108. 'X's On Faces 3/2/2010
Best Poem of Leon Agnew

Mother Love

Mother love
Nothin' wrong with me
Mother love
Come and let me see
Mother love
Just leave me alone
Mother love
Now I'm dead and gone
Mother love
Never let me see
Mother love
Never let's me be
Mother love
Took my life away
Mother love
Hate me every day
Mother love
Take away my pain
Mother love
Make me go insane
Mother love
There is no such thing
Mother love
Hate is everything.

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I Blame Myself

Every time, I blame myself.
Even though your sins are many,
I still blame myself.
I guard you with my enthusiasm
That you might guard me in the same way.
I am always disappointed.
But though you disappoint me,
In the end you escape my blame.
In the end you escape everyone’s blame.

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