Leon Gellert

(1892 - 1977 / Australia)

Leon Gellert Poems

1. The Return 4/5/2010
2. Now ‘neath The Cool Stars 4/5/2010
3. The Speech Of Flattery 4/5/2010
4. The Hawk 4/5/2010
5. The Invocation Of Jealousy 4/5/2010
6. One Who Died: In Memory Of E.W.T.S. 4/5/2010
7. Sights 4/5/2010
8. The Husband 4/5/2010
9. The Influence Of Lust 4/5/2010
10. The Old And The New 4/5/2010
11. The Advice Of Treachery 4/5/2010
12. The Change 4/5/2010
13. The Cross 4/5/2010
14. The Dead 4/5/2010
15. The Dreamer 4/5/2010
16. The Song’s End 4/5/2010
17. To A Man Who Wished To Die 4/5/2010
18. The Bush Lover 4/5/2010
19. The Retirement Of Mars 4/5/2010
20. The Teacher 4/5/2010
21. Through A Porthole 4/5/2010
22. The Death 4/5/2010
23. The Wrecked Aeroplane 4/5/2010
24. The Christmas Beetle 4/5/2010
25. The Cry Of Mammon 4/5/2010
26. The House Delirious 4/5/2010
27. The Australian Muse 4/5/2010
28. The Epileptic 4/5/2010
29. The Moving Of The Shades 4/5/2010
30. These Men 4/5/2010
31. The Veteran 4/5/2010
32. The Three Concerned 4/5/2010
33. Red 4/5/2010
34. The Grey World 4/5/2010
35. The Riddle Of The Sphinx 4/5/2010
36. The Coming Of War 4/5/2010
37. The Soul Forsaken 4/5/2010
38. The Blind Man 4/5/2010
39. Rapine 4/5/2010
40. The Soldier 4/5/2010

Comments about Leon Gellert

  • Barry Hishion (11/15/2019 7:43:00 PM)

    One wonders why this poem is not given prminence by the media on Anzac Day. I learnt it at school 1948.

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  • Robert Winston (2/12/2019 3:14:00 PM)

    I remember Leon as an essayist. He had a regular column in the Sydney Morning Herald during the 1950's. I was a regular reader of his thoughtful essays as a school boy. I was astonished to read here of his role on Galipoli. I never came across his poetry and am surprised he was well known for it. Leon deserved to be better known.

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  • silvia (6/20/2018 11:33:00 PM)

    I like it, however I do enjoy turnips more

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Best Poem of Leon Gellert

Before Action

We always had to do our work at night.
I wondered why we had to be so sly.
I wondered why we couldn't have our fight
Under the open sky.

I wondered why I always felt so cold.
I wondered why the orders seemed so slow,
So slow to come, so whisperingly told,
So whisperingly low.

I wondered if my packing-straps were tight,
And wondered why I wondered……Sound
went wild………
and order came…… I ran into the night,
wondering why I smiled.

Read the full of Before Action

The Christmas Beetle

When Christmas comes the Christmas heat'll
bring once more the Christmas Beetle
The first inflammatory breeze'll
set him buzzing like a diesel.
Hear him open up his throttle
as he hums above the wattle!
Hear him zoom, and snarl and rattle
Like a fighter plane in battle!
Watch him dive to sink and settle-

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