Rookie [LEOS] (23.02.1953 / Tirane)

Biography of LEON QAFZEZI

Leon Qafzezi(writer-cineast)
Live and work in Albania.Graduated at the Academy of Arte in Tirane.
He was working as a film critic in different newspapers and Albanian magazine.
In 1986 he become producer, inspector of films in Film Studio'New Albania'and 'Alb-Film Distribution.Between 1992-2002, he is co-founder, editor and chief of 'Film'magazine and Head of 'Eagle Film Albania'private cinematographic society.
In this time, he wrote many books for cinema, poetry, novels, and critic films, and directed many documentary films for television.
Now is Independent Writer and Filmmaker.


'Eda'-Poetry(1996) Pub.'Eagle Film Albania'
'Funerali i te gjalleve'-Poetry(2013) Pub.'Morava'
'Dashuri pa kredi'poetry 1992

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