Leonid Rotshtein

(Santa Monica, CA, USA)

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  • Leonid Rotshtein (11/23/2004 2:37:00 AM)

    I am the Poet Leonid Rotshatein. These are the few poetic stanzas / not poems/
    which are consisting the Book of the numbers of stanzas /more than 24/. Thia Book of poetry I also call -''Yoga-Upanishada'' BECAUSE IN MY POETRY I use the ancient poetic style devanagari. If you want to know more about me and my poetry write upon the address - 411 SO.CATALINA ap.208 Los Angeles CA 90020

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She is the Goddess "Gate to Way,"
On which One gather benefit; mistake.
Are they result - of how we behave?! Behave we good - the consequence is also good.
Behave we bad - result is punishment "The Tragedy's sallot"