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Leorne Adile Poems

1. Will You Grieve? 5/21/2012
2. Fair Thee Well, Zephania 5/21/2012
3. Answer My Call 6/8/2012
4. On That Day That I Should Die 6/13/2012
5. The Birthday 6/13/2012
6. A Lover's Prayer 6/13/2012
7. Someone Broke Your Heart 6/13/2012
8. Love Was Never Meant To Quench Lonliness 6/13/2012
9. A Reply To A Critic 6/13/2012
10. You Can, Shed Off The Pain 6/13/2012
11. The First Meeting 6/13/2012
12. The Meditation 7/1/2012
13. A Night Out In The Stars 7/1/2012
14. In Defence Of The Weak 7/1/2012
15. What Thou Now Barreth Me From Being (A Son's Note To A Strict Father) 7/1/2012
16. The Day's Grace 7/1/2012
17. For Emerald, An Unknown Friend 10/9/2012
18. The Tragedy (I) 12/23/2012
19. The Promise 12/23/2012
20. Tangled 12/23/2012
21. The Encounter 12/23/2012
22. My Filly 12/23/2012
23. Defense Of Wooing Language 12/23/2012
24. I Like The Country Better 3/27/2012
25. The Storm 4/29/2012
26. Now That I Know You More 4/29/2012
27. Another Grace For The Evening 7/30/2013
28. Patience 4/29/2012
29. Bare Knuckles 7/30/2013
30. The Perfect Gift 3/27/2012

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The Perfect Gift

To express what I within me felt
That words already said had failed
I sought things materially made
To offer unto thee instead

So I turned to Jewel pieces
(And these were of dearest prices)
'But then, ' methought, 'how useless!
To bejewel a thing already so glamorous'

Then I thought to pluck thee a rose
And from the finest I'd make my choice
Yet would not the essence disappear,
The moment it would start to wither?

And when I thought to sing thee a verse
From the love song I had long rehearsed
Once again I made a halt, for I thought, ...

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Tell me of patience, good friend
Has it at all, any good end?
'Tis patience, ' they've said
'That'll have you paid'
So in patience, my trust I've laid
And it yet again has betrayed.

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