Leria Hawkins

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Leria Hawkins Poems

161. Same Old Story 1/1/2016
162. Ode To My Fruitless Dreams 1/7/2016
163. Ramblings Of The Broken Hearted 1/9/2016
164. Looking Down 1/9/2016
165. Burn Out 1/9/2016
166. Let It Rot 1/9/2016
167. A Day Or Two 1/13/2016
168. Hemorrhage 1/18/2016
169. Looking For A Cure 1/22/2016
170. Satisfaction…guaranteed! 1/22/2016
171. A Week Or Two 1/28/2016
172. The Damage Is Done 1/28/2016
173. I'll Look To The Sky 4/15/2016
174. Graceless 4/15/2016
175. Susan, Susan...I Must Confess 4/29/2016
176. There Is No Over, There's Only An End 6/15/2016
177. Run, I Run, I Dare Not Slow 6/16/2016
178. Maybe You'll Remember 5/8/2017
179. Nothng But The Truth 7/12/2017
180. The Christmas Orange 12/19/2017
181. Cold Is My Confession 4/11/2014
182. A Love Song To The Unnamed 4/15/2014
183. One More Time 4/19/2014
184. Who You Want To Be 5/21/2014
185. I Will Let You Go 6/18/2014
186. While The River Rushes On 7/9/2014
187. Feed Me... 3/14/2014
188. Once Upon A Stony Heart 8/26/2014
189. Ninety Seven 12/5/2014
190. Slighted 12/5/2014
191. Far Away From Me 1/15/2015
192. Let The Sun In 1/15/2015
193. Impossibilities 1/23/2015
194. I Do Not Know You, Stranger 1/23/2015
195. For The Record 1/27/2015
196. Sweet Sighs 1/30/2015
197. It's My Lie 8/30/2014
198. She Is My Disease 9/10/2014
199. I Hold The Hand 2/14/2015
200. Games People Play 8/28/2014

Comments about Leria Hawkins

  • Zoila T. Flores Zoila T. Flores (7/11/2014 11:57:00 PM)

    Well, Love is something we can digest and yet we know how to swallow it.

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  • Susan Lacovara Susan Lacovara (10/1/2013 10:43:00 PM)

    Thank you for commenting on my work, as I consider all poets I meet through this forum new friends. I have read some of your poetry as well, and find we have lots of emotions in common. I applaud that you write primarily for the simple love of writing. I do too...You have a lovely manner of expressing yourself...and I look forward to discovering more of your poems. PEACE

  • Howard Johnson (9/28/2006 11:10:00 AM)

    If you haven't read Sandra Hamrick, , There is a great tallent to be discovered....

Best Poem of Leria Hawkins

A Mistress To Her Lover

I see you in my rear view, as you settle to make the call
Covering the delay, with a well-worn blanket of lies…

What is it? ...ten seconds out the door
You’ve a hand on the phone, and a foot on the floor
Just ten seconds more, I’ll be out of sight
You’ve revved the engine, for a hasty flight

You scrub the shine from your cheek
Check the mirror…a cool critique
Hand press those wrinkles across your chest
Better hurry now, and look your best

You skillfully disguise the walk of shame
She’s yet to learn your cheating games
Run…comb your hair, brush ...

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His Counterfeit Life

His beasts grow hungry
Breaking free, the cages of his soul
Wind spirits breathe the secrets of fire
As naked flesh rises in the stir
She’s calling, calling…soft as snowflakes
Coaxing desires from stone cold ash
Voices…thick in whispers, claw at his door
Wisdom succumbs to the licking of flames
Passion…transformed by persuasion,

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