Leria Hawkins

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Leria Hawkins Poems

201. Losing Sleep 3/13/2014
202. It's A Love-Hate Thing 8/22/2013
203. Beast 2/26/2013
204. Some Spit, Some Swallow 5/3/2012
205. Sipping Secrets 4/13/2012
206. Bonjour, Mon Ami 7/24/2013
207. Like Diamonds 5/14/2013
208. I Have No Art 1/21/2013
209. A Thousand Miles 9/20/2012
210. There's No Fight Left 2/3/2012
211. Burning Bridges Falling Down 3/16/2012
212. Sharks Teeth 2/21/2012
213. A Rose For All Seasons 1/20/2012
214. Call It A Truce 3/14/2013
215. 24 Karat 7/25/2013
216. Play It Again, Sam 12/30/2013
217. Old Wood 5/31/2013
218. And Yet, I Love You Still 7/11/2014
219. Skin Deep 4/11/2014
220. It's A Love, I'Ve Loved In Vain 11/15/2014
221. Birdbrain 3/30/2012
222. I Cannot Go, I Cannot Stay 7/14/2012
223. Live And Let Die 6/21/2013
224. Once I Believed 2/7/2015
225. I'M Not Asking For Much 1/24/2015
226. I'Ll Leave It Alone 2/7/2015
227. Wishes 2/28/2015
228. Ode To My Gumption (Or Lack Thereof) 1/20/2012
229. Tin Man 8/6/2014
230. Junkie 2/28/2015
231. A Spoonful Of Sugar 3/30/2012
232. A Mistress To Her Lover 8/21/2013
Best Poem of Leria Hawkins

A Mistress To Her Lover

I see you in my rear view, as you settle to make the call
Covering the delay, with a well-worn blanket of lies…

What is it? ...ten seconds out the door
You’ve a hand on the phone, and a foot on the floor
Just ten seconds more, I’ll be out of sight
You’ve revved the engine, for a hasty flight

You scrub the shine from your cheek
Check the mirror…a cool critique
Hand press those wrinkles across your chest
Better hurry now, and look your best

You skillfully disguise the walk of shame
She’s yet to learn your cheating games
Run…comb your hair, brush ...

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I Choose Fire

If you forget the road once traveled
And turn from your desires
I shan’t travel with you dear
For my heart still burns with fire

And if you wipe the memories clean
And forsake the whispering wind
The journey you must go alone
For I won’t hold your hand

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