Les Derbyshire

Les Derbyshire Poems

1. Gecko 3/14/2009
2. From Here You Can See The Waves 3/15/2009
3. Words And Music 4/11/2009
4. She Knows Me So Well 6/19/2009
5. Valley Of Mist 9/12/2009
6. The Day That We Met 9/15/2009
7. When...? 9/17/2009
8. Desert 11/27/2009
9. When You Turned Away 11/28/2009
10. Please Defragment 1/24/2010
11. What If...? 1/22/2012
12. It's Not Your Fault 1/22/2012
13. Spinach Pie 10/22/2013
14. Next Time 10/22/2013
15. A Matter Of Time 10/22/2013
16. One Book 5/21/2010
17. Crow 6/4/2010
18. Mists Of Time 11/11/2009
19. The Passing Year 3/14/2009
20. I Never Knew 8/28/2009
21. When I Am Old 9/3/2009
22. Laughter 3/22/2009
23. Wrong Number 4/1/2009
24. Ode To The M25 3/15/2009
25. Oh, The Joys Of Travel! 3/14/2009
26. Listen To The Darkness 1/30/2010
27. White Island 6/19/2010
28. It's Not Me 3/22/2009
29. Shadows 9/29/2009
30. And Then There Was You 8/10/2009
Best Poem of Les Derbyshire

And Then There Was You

My life used to be a calm pool,
Hardly a ripple disturbing the surface.
All around, the rushes stood like sentries
And the water fowls dabbled peacefully in the shallows.
On the little Japanese bridge
A young man and his lover
Stood silently
And gazed
And sighed.

Like a landscape in still life.

And then there was you.

You leapt into the pool with a great splash
That startled the water fowls out of their complacency
And set the surface dancing.
The sunlight sparkled and flashed from every wave.
The sound of the ...

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Ode To The M25

(For anyone from outside the UK who has the misfortune not to know the M25, it's the circular freeway/autoroute/autostrada/autobahn around London!)

In the heat of the day or the dead of the night
Here's a thing that is certain to bring you delight.
If you're driving to Oxford, to Richmond or Staines
Or heading for Gatwick to look at the planes,
If your journey's for pleasure or you're off to work,
Whether driving a Ford or a Nissan or Merc'
Alone or with auntie asleep in the back,

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