Les Farrow

Rookie (07 03 1958 / Woolwich, London)

Biography of Les Farrow

Les Farrow poet

Although I was born in Woolwich I spent the first 10 years of my childhood living in Kent. I had a very good relationship with my parents and with my younger brother. We moved to Norfolk when I when I was 10 because dad was having difficulties getting work(he was a master mariner) he worked on the Thames and the Medway, anyway we got this lovely house in Beeston nr. East Dereham (these were my happiest times) . I learnt to ride horses, and worked after school and weekends in the riding school, which incidentally was just across the road from where we were living. Dad got a job as a pilot on the Ouse in King's Lynn. The next thing I remember it was time to move again this time to King's Lynn. I was 12 then, we rented a place for a while and I went to school at Gaywood Park, after a while mum and dad bought a place in Nelson Street. I did well at school gaining O'Levels and G.C.E's. As I got older and was working mum and dad decided to move back to London and because I was only 17 at the time they said I had to go with them, but I had a good job and was engaged, this caused a lot of tension in the house as I refused to go and consequently my dad had enough of the bickering and told me to leave. My fiance's mum found a caravan for me to rent and my parents eventually moved down to Dulwich, I didn't know where they where until I met up with one of mum's friends who gave me their address and I began corresponding with mum, Dave (my fiance) and I moved to Dulwich in '76 I worked for my mum and dad in a workingman's cafe which was what that bought when they left King's Lynn. We got married in 1977 a very quiet registry office do. Both my husband and I hated London but we stuck it out for a while until dad decided he had, had enough and found his self a job in Dubai as Captain of a Crew boat. This caused some very bad arguements between my parents, but he went anyway and mum put the cafe up for sale. Dave and I moved back to King's Lynn, to he's parents who I'm afraid I didn't get on well with, but we eventually got a council house on Seabank Estate, where I met up with some school chums who had gotten married and lived a short distance from us. Mum sold the cafe and moved in with us and my brother. Dad returned from Dubai because of illness and they got a house in Watlington near King's Lynn. David and I moved again this time to Greenland Avenue not far from where we were living but a lot better house. I'm afraid dad got the wander-lust again, this time mum and my brother went with him on the understanding that we would eventually move to Dubai as well. Things didn't go according to plan, I became pregnant and had a daughter in 1981, so my parents and brother moved back home and in with us for a while until they decided they would like to run a pub.
My daughter was 3 months old when we all upped sticks and moved to E.Dereham to take on The Eagle public house.I enjoyed the pub life but my husband didn't he hated the long hours and the hard work this is when I began to have doubts about our marriage. My daughter on the other hand although just a baby loved it and all the attention she got from patrons she would sit and gabble on at them and seemed very content. We then moved back to King's Lynn and took on a very different sort of pub The Queen Victoria, which in truth was a docker's pub, mum hated the bad language and the attitude of some of the punters that frequented the pub. So dad sold the lease and took a pub at Gaywood (a suburb of King's Lynn) by this time Dave had really had enough of the pub life and we got a house on Fairstead Estate, just aways from Gaywood, so I used to walk down and help my parents run The Swan. I didn't like Fairstead it was extremely rough so we did an exchange with some friends and moved back to Seabank Estate, this made it difficult for me to go help my parents especially once I got pregnant with my second child who was born in April '87. Things became difficult after this between hubby and I as I was so ill after my second daughters birth, but we stuck it out he found a job and I was quite happy playing mumsy to my 2 girls. Dave joined a rock band so he was out quite a bit which to be quite honest didn't bother me, but just before my second daughter started school he said he wanted me to give him a son, I was very uncomfortable about being pregnant again, at the time I was being treated for PCOD so I asked the doctor about another pregnancy, he put me on the fertility pill and I kept saying that it'll probably be another girl when I finally became pregnant again. When my son was born in September '91 he was rushed into SCBU with breathing problems and was very poorly. We were told he had a patch of emphysema in the middle lobe of his right lung, we brought him home when he was 10 days old. We had to move when he was 18 months because the central heating in the house was not good for him and the council gave us a house in Queen Mary Road Gaywood, it had a lot to be done to it but I could see it had potential, we did it up as it was intended to be, in 1930's style. Dave was back in employment and we had a fairly good lifestyle. My son was very sickly for the first 6 years of his life and I spent a lot of time in hospital with him, he had developed asthma, and I found life quite hard and tiring sitting up nights with him rushing to the hospital and such like.

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A Picture Of You

A picture of you I store forever in my heart,
So I know how much you love me, whenever we are apart,
The smile on your face, the twinkle in your eye,
Just confirms it baby,
Our love will never die.

A picture of you I carry stored within my heart,
Along with a prayer that never will we part,
For if we ever do it would tear me apart,

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