Lesa MRK Poems

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For Now It's Good Bye

Sometimes saying 'Good Bye' isn't easy,
When it's the only two words you can say.
Sometimes saying 'I Love You' is enough,
When you turn and walk away.

Her Eternal Love

I'd hate to be in a situation,
Where one must take and never give,
For I am the kind who loves giving,
So that others may live.

Inner You

Sometimes I watch you,
Just out of the corner of my eye,
And I'm amazed-
Somehow you never see me cry.

Safe In Your Arms

Sunshine, bright love in blue eyes
We fly along the clouds, soar along the skies
Safe in your arms, lost in sweet love
The kisses so sweet, such Heaven from above.

This Is Not My Life

I know what my life is - and this is not my life.
I've waited so long, cried so many tears,
Yet still, five months later,
My world is still a foolish game,

In The Light Of Day

We hold each other close;
I feel your breath on my cheek.
Your fingers trace my body;
I give you what you seek.

I Understand (Different Poem)

Your first smile,
Told me what words cannot say.
I find it hard to express,
The feelings I keep at bay.

I Believed In You

I believed in you,
But you let me down;
Played around,
Walked away,

Memories Never Die

The time just wasn't enough,
For you and me.
We never got to the places we wanted to go,
And to see what we wanted to see.

The Night

How does one deal with an emotion,
Which burdens the heart?
It weighs down your entity,
And drives two lovers apart.