Lesa MRK Poems

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Parting Is Such Deep Sorrow

I still remember the soft touch of your hand,
As I stand here lonely in this foreign land.
And can you remember how I loved you?
Does love still glow in those eyes of blue?

But For The Grace Of God....

But for the grace of God,
I would not be here this day.
I would not be here,
To face the mysteries we call today.

Hang On Tightly

Hang on to me while you can
For soon I'll be gone
Hang on to me while you can
For I must be moving on

I Cried Myself To Sleep Last Night

I know you feel your life is over-
I feel the same way, too.
I've been through this so many times-
I know what you're going through.

The Curse Of The Faded Rose

The beauty of a bright red rose,
Will bind this immortal's broken soul
With sorrowful thorns and tarnished chains
A haunting shadow of evil remains.

Dearest Baby

Dearest Baby,
My heart is broken.
Something terrible has happened,
And as a result, you have died.


Dearest Caleb,

Hi. I am your mommy.
I loved you SO much...

My Best Friend

Memories I treasure-
Your hand in mineā€¦

Believing in our friendship,

My Gift To You

I gave you a flower-
It was all I could give.
I let you go,
'Cause you could not live.

God's Tender Grace

I had endless faith,
In the depths of my heart...
Always a prayer,
And forever a spark.