Lesa MRK Poems

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I saw you in the distance,
Your eyes locked with mine.
I knew I must embrace a new life,
And leave the old one far behind.

The Cycle

It happened in the night time within a hallowed nook.
The birth of a thousand tomorrows, beside a furrowed brook.
The motion of the moment lay twisted on frozen snow.
The sorrow of the world where hated memories grow.

Love's Thorns

Why do you hurt me?
Why do you rip away my smile?

First you tell me you need me,

The Beauty Of A Yellow Rose....

The beauty of a yellow rose, sitting wilted in it's vase,
For time has made it's color fade and it droops now, in it's place.
The man I love has hurt me,
And in his pain he walks away,

Yellow Roses For My True Love

Love was a beautiful yellow rose growing on a bright summer's day.
You picked it with a smile and with your love, you placed it in my hand.
I treasured it and nurtured it, calling it my own.
Never knowing, never seeing ~ for love had thorns unknown.

Think Of Me....

Think of me with laughter,
Not with sadness or grief.
Remember the wonderful things I did,
And make my dreams your own belief.


Never to speak your name-
But to have loved you.
Never to have seen your face-
But to have cradled you in dreams.

In My Heart

There's a part of you,
In my deepest heart-
A part no one can touch,
Nor take away.

Thank You For Your Time

Thank you for a moment of your time,
A moment that is only mine.
You're smiling,
'Cause in that one moment,

There For You

I'll be there for you-
In heart and in body.
I am here for you;
To help all I can,