Lesbia Harford Poems

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A Strike Rhyme

The strike's done.
The men won.
The ships sail the sea
To bring back

A Parlourmaid

'I want a parlourmaid.'
'Well, let me see
If you were God, what kind of maid she'd be.'
'She would be tall,

Cherry Plum Blossom In An Old Tin Jug

Cherry plum blossom in an old tin jug —
Oh, it is lovely, beautiful and fair,
With sun on it and little shadows mixed

The Wife

He's out of work!
I tell myself a change should mean a chance,
And he must look for changes to advance,

A Bronte Legend

They say she was a creature of the moor,
A lover of the angels, silence bound.
She sought no friendships. She was too remote,

A Blouse Machinist

Miss Murphy has blue eyes and blue-black hair,
Her machine's opposite mine
So I can stare
At her pale face and shining blue-black hair.

The Two Swans

There's a big park just close to where we live —
Trees in a row
And shaggy grass whereon the dead leaves blow.

Body And Soul

Through the Museum
I stroll, and see
Goblets fashioned in Arcady,
Spears from the Islands, and robes from Tyre—

And Is Love Very Strong Where Honour Rules?

And is love very strong where honour rules?
Would the world ever speak of Lancelot's love
Or Tristram's love had they put honour first?

All Through The Day At My Machine

All through the day at my machine
There still keeps going
A strange little tune through heart and head