Lesbia Harford

(1891 - 1927 / Australia)

Lesbia Harford Poems

41. He Had Served Eighty Masters. They'D Have Said 4/15/2010
42. He Has A Fairy Wife 4/15/2010
43. He Has Picked Grapes In The Sun. 4/15/2010
44. He Looks In My Heart And The Image There 4/15/2010
45. Hecate's Due 4/15/2010
46. Hecate's Due 4/15/2010
47. How Funny It Would Be If Dreamy I 4/15/2010
48. I Am No Mystic 4/15/2010
49. I Bought A Red Hat 4/15/2010
50. I Came To Live In Sophia Street 4/15/2010
51. I Can'T Feel The Sunshine 4/15/2010
52. I Count The Days Until I See You 4/15/2010
53. I Dare Not Leave The Splendid Town 4/15/2010
54. I Dreamt Last Night 4/15/2010
55. I Dreamt Last Night Of Happy Home-Comings 4/15/2010
56. I Found An Orchid In The Valley Fair, 4/15/2010
57. I Had A Lover Who Betrayed Me 4/15/2010
58. I Hate Work So 4/15/2010
59. I Have Golden Shoes 4/15/2010
60. I Have Three Loves Who Are All Most Dear 4/15/2010
61. I Have To Make A Soul For One 4/15/2010
62. I Have Two Wings 4/15/2010
63. I Love To See 4/15/2010
64. I Must Be Dreaming Through The Days 4/15/2010
65. I Read A Statement In A Newspaper 4/15/2010
66. I Saw A Flight Of Sparrows Through The Air 4/15/2010
67. I Thought I Heard Something Move In The House 4/15/2010
68. I Used To Be Afraid To Meet 4/15/2010
69. I Used To Have Dozens Of Handkerchiefs 4/15/2010
70. I Was Sad 4/15/2010
71. I Went Down To Post A Letter 4/15/2010
72. I'D Like To Spend Long Hours At Home 4/15/2010
73. I'D Love To Have You On A Rainy Day 4/15/2010
74. If I Had Six White Horses 4/15/2010
75. If You Have Loved A Brave Story 4/15/2010
76. I'M Like All Lovers, Wanting Love To Be 4/15/2010
77. In The Public Library 4/15/2010
78. In This Little School 4/15/2010
79. Into Old Rhyme 4/15/2010
80. Inventory 4/15/2010
Best Poem of Lesbia Harford

A Meaning Learnt

I'm not his wife. I am his paramour:
His wayside love, picked up in journeying:
Rose of the hedgerows; fragrant, till he fling
Me down beside the ditch, a drooped thing
Some country boy may stick into his hat.
A paramour has no more use than that.

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All Knowledge . . .

I know more about flowers,
And Pat knows about ships.
'Schooner' and 'barquentine'
Are words of note on his lips.
Even 'schooner, barque-rigged'
Has meaning for him. And yet
I don't believe he knows
Hearts' ease from mignonette.
And whenever the daffodils,

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