Lesbia Harford

(1891 - 1927 / Australia)

Lesbia Harford Poems

81. Street Scene—little Lonsdale St. 4/15/2010
82. Machinist Talking 4/15/2010
83. I Bought A Red Hat 4/15/2010
84. I Hate Work So 4/15/2010
85. I Have To Make A Soul For One 4/15/2010
86. Though I Had Lost My Love 4/15/2010
87. I Am No Mystic 4/15/2010
88. Noli Me Tangere 4/15/2010
89. Ours Was A Friendship In Secret 4/15/2010
90. Flowers And Light 4/15/2010
91. I Found An Orchid In The Valley Fair, 4/15/2010
92. Dearest, Dearest 4/15/2010
93. O Great Golden Head Lie In My Lap' 4/15/2010
94. I'M Like All Lovers, Wanting Love To Be 4/15/2010
95. I Thought I Heard Something Move In The House 4/15/2010
96. I Was Sad 4/15/2010
97. Today I Saw 4/15/2010
98. I Went Down To Post A Letter 4/15/2010
99. Miss Mary Fairfax 4/15/2010
100. Lovers Parted 4/15/2010
101. In The Public Library 4/15/2010
102. Periodicity 4/15/2010
103. Lawstudent And Coach 4/15/2010
104. I'D Like To Spend Long Hours At Home 4/15/2010
105. Whenever I Think Of You, You Are Alone 4/15/2010
106. In This Little School 4/15/2010
107. O You, Dear Trees, You Have Learned So Much Of Beauty 4/15/2010
108. Do You Remember Still The Little Song 4/15/2010
109. He Has A Fairy Wife 4/15/2010
110. He Looks In My Heart And The Image There 4/15/2010
111. I Love To See 4/15/2010
112. I Dreamt Last Night 4/15/2010
113. Closing Time: Public Library 4/15/2010
114. Lie-A-Bed 4/15/2010
115. If I Had Six White Horses 4/15/2010
116. A Bad Snap 4/15/2010
117. The Moonlit Room 4/15/2010
118. Today When You Went Up The Hill 4/15/2010
119. Those Must Be Masts Of Ships The Gazer Sees 4/15/2010
120. The Melbourne Cup 4/15/2010

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Best Poem of Lesbia Harford

Three Teachers

Sometimes I can see
When I teach
Half my children talk
Each to each.
Then I almost wish
I could be
Very fierce and they
Scared of me.
They will all be still
For one man
Who could never teach
As I can.
He is kind and strong,
He has never sought
Dangerous gold.
If he might do both
That were good.
In my life I knew
One who could.
She was dark and sweet,
Irish born,
Very full of dreams,
Full of scorn.
Hell and heav'n was she,
Like the sun.
My dear children need
Such a one.

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Dearest, Dearest

Dearest, dearest,
Bother the slow hours
That hold and keep me
From the leafy bowers
You make more lovely than a storm of flowers.
Dearest, dearest,
If they let me go
I'd hasten to you
Where the waters flow
In among the shadows and the dreams we know.

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