Leslie Neiwert

Rookie (12/29/1990 / Sacramento, CA)

Leslie Neiwert Poems

1. Hard Course Life 4/17/2009
2. There Is No Simple Number, But One 4/17/2009
3. When A Pin Dropp Falls, Can You Hear It Shatter? 4/17/2009
4. An Ocean Of Sea 4/17/2009
5. A Flower’s Rejoice 4/21/2009
6. A Lakeside Meal 4/21/2009
7. Fever 4/21/2009
8. Flying Among The Beaches 4/21/2009
9. A Game Of Chess 4/21/2009
10. A Metallic Melody 4/21/2009
11. Ending Of All Tears 4/21/2009
12. The Home Of An Innocent 4/21/2009
13. What Will Tomorrow Bring? 4/21/2009
14. Family Sisters 4/21/2009
15. The Beginning 4/21/2009
16. Spice Of Orange 4/21/2009
17. Where Are You As I Am Gone? 8/24/2009
18. Bells That Ring 8/24/2009
19. Music Melody 10/6/2009
20. I'M Not Sure...Right Now 1/7/2010
21. Forgotten, Broken Steps 10/11/2010
22. Traces Of My Life 4/21/2009
23. Mark's True Meaning 4/17/2009
24. I Miss You A Lot Today... 10/6/2009
25. Pond Tales 4/15/2009
26. Fears 4/15/2009
27. A Day To Remember 4/15/2009
28. Words Of The Wind 4/21/2009
29. Cold 4/15/2009
30. When I Leave, Don'T Cry 4/15/2009

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Best Poem of Leslie Neiwert

When I Leave, Don'T Cry

When we fall from where we belong, does anyone know we’ve left? Some may cry when we pass by, but others seem to hate our very breath. If you thought about any fights you just had, can you tell what could happen next? They could leave as you now fall, dying in your sad romance. Shower your soul on us, my friend, for we may disappear. Kiss our hearts no more goodbye, dry away those tears. When you know we’ve left this place, please be happy for us. We will always cherish you, my friend, for it is you we trust.

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A Day To Remember

The roses were dainty when I walked by, the dew from my own eyes joins the waves and creaks of the pavement. Why can’t we ever get along? Pain stabbed at my soul, my heart, my mind as I continue to walk towards a bridge.
It was so strange, how easily his words flowed through me. Did he mean it? Never more will I be who I am, never more will my heart be bland. I know where I was going, and I knew what I was about to do.
The edge was so close now and I cold see it was a 120 ft drop. There wou

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