Leslie Philibert

Bronze Star - 2,826 Points (6th March 1954 / London, England)

Leslie Philibert Poems

121. Acheron 6/24/2014
122. Echnaton And The Miracle 7/1/2014
123. Ten Forms Of Green 7/4/2014
124. The Holy Grail 7/10/2014
125. Winter 7/13/2014
126. Dharma Bicycle 7/19/2014
127. Why Archie Shepp Is God 7/27/2014
128. Girl In A Garden 7/31/2014
129. The Escape 8/11/2014
130. Die Lösung 8/16/2014
131. Paradise 8/19/2014
132. Reasons Not To Visit Dachau 8/27/2014
133. Asbo 8/31/2014
134. The Dead Bird In My Garden 9/2/2014
135. A Savage God 9/5/2014
136. Ghosts 9/10/2014
137. Shadow Girl 9/21/2014
138. Autumn 9/28/2014
139. The Soul 5/30/2014
140. Refugees 5/31/2014
141. Still Life 6/5/2014
142. St Malo 6/18/2014
143. Through A Window 10/9/2014
144. Bird In A Piano 10/10/2014
145. After You Left 10/16/2014
146. Gretchen At The Spinning Wheel 11/7/2014
147. Year`s End 11/12/2014
148. Song Of Farewell 11/22/2014
149. Song Of The Bell 11/22/2014
150. Brighton In September 11/25/2014
151. Hauptbahnhof Berlin Blues 12/4/2014
152. After A Line By Geoffrey Chaucer 12/10/2014
153. Autonecropolis 12/26/2014
154. Motherhouse 12/29/2014
155. Going To Church On New Year`s Day 1/1/2015
156. Maria Voll Der Gnade 1/4/2015
157. Shadows Of Maria Voll Der Gnade 1/4/2015
158. Wolf Watching Lovers 1/16/2015
159. The White Devil 1/22/2015
160. Argument 1/27/2015

Comments about Leslie Philibert

  • Frank (popeye) Pulver Frank (popeye) Pulver (4/7/2013 8:03:00 PM)

    Mr. Philibert, thank you for helping with some of my errors on some of my poetry. I am here to say that we use very differents styles of poetry. I have only been writing my poetry for a few years and it helps me get out some of my feelings so I do not forget them in life. I am person that forgets a lot of things in life pretty easily.

    As poets we try to pour out the feelings from our hearts and souls. This is what helps me in my daily life, I have a life that was almost taken from me so I am trying to make the most of it by writing down my thoughts.

    I hope that when I leave this place in life that my children will see the work that I done in my life. So please do not criticize a poet's work. We might not see their ideas but we still need to respect them for their work.

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  • Philo Yan Philo Yan (8/15/2012 6:31:00 AM)

    Your poems are thought provoking and I have to read it a few times and reflect your meaning.

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  • Yvonne Rautenbach (8/14/2012 11:11:00 AM)

    re 'Hospital' absolutely brilliant..must find time to read more of your poems later

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  • Aivilo Gnuoy (8/8/2012 3:09:00 PM)

    Your poems are well written and I enjoy reading them!

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  • Kayoko Kan (7/11/2012 6:15:00 AM)

    I enjoy reading your poems- a vivid blend of descriptions that enrich the mind, thanks.

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Best Poem of Leslie Philibert

The Night The Moon Got Stolen

In the night the moon got stolen
lunatics shook their fists at empty heavens,
cats stared at holes in the dark night
and seas turned into lakes, tides refused,

And songwriters hit the wrong keys
while lovers went home for an early night,
words were not whispered in ears nor
arms thrown across shoulders in first joy.

Have no fear for this lost face in the sky,
the lady that shimmers over standing water.
Aurora will bring the slow return of dawn,
Libertas will free this stolen moonlight.

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Song Of A Winter Attic

Sheets of white ice double the frozen glass,
the net curtains break the ice light and the

smell of damp books and insects, autumn apples,
moments of childhood under eaves,

I am not in sorrow apart from sorrowing, a terrible desire
is born to stop clocks, victims of time and snow and

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