Activities of Leslie Ann, AKA: L.A. Rummel

In a desperate state of panic; From the crowd I shouted, "Why? " The priests said, "Crucify Him! " Officials yelled the same reply! In my bitterness I questioned, "God, how can this be? " I felt an anger surge inside - Like a fire consuming me! I begged, "Don't let them kill my Son In this God-forsaken place! " The guards strip and scourge Him And they spit upon His face! They try to steal His dignity With their searing, ruthless scorn; And pierce His tender head With a twisted crown of thorns A purple robe is thrown on Him More taunting then ensues; They try to make a fool of Him Yelling, "Hail, King of the Jews! " "Have mercy now! Please let Him go! Let me hold Him in my arms; Let me hide Him from this brutal place That brings Yeshua harm! Abba, please come quickly now Reveal Your mighty hand; Stop these foolish people They do not understand! Blood is flowing down His brow; My body shakes in fear; Why is this world unjustly cruel To One who is so dear? I'm caught up in the frenzy Down this dirty, wretched path; Tainted with the wickedness Of evil, human wrath So weary on this cursed road That robs men of his breath; This endless, rugged hill I trudge Reeks of ruthless death! I look beyond the mob; My heavy eyes can see; More of Herod's merciless men Wait in authority? How could they be so cruel To Kill a man, adored? Do they know the One they'll crucify Is the Chosen One, the Lord? They cast His body to the ground; Oh God, is this the plan? They hammer rusty nails Through his tender feet and hands! I hear the whaling of His voice In my sinking sense of loss; They raise Him from the dusty ground And hang Him on a cross! A haunting silence now remains Have the powers of Hell now won? Does Satan whisper in the ears Of those who mock my Son? My knees give way and I collapse; My precious Son is slain! I cry out to the heavens, "God, from this, what will they gain? " My beloved one stands by my side In despair and misery; Yeshua speaks some final words To comfort John and me He looks up to the Heavens And cries, begrudgingly, Saying, "Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthami! " The world does not deserve the love Revealed upon His face; Yeshua gives His life up now In the perfect moment of grace! The Earth begins to tremble As if to bring the world great scorn; And then my ears behold the sound Of a curtain being torn! In the midst of mass confusion The people freeze in fear; The Holy Spirit lets me know That the Kingdom of God is near! As the Mother of the Son of God I know the Father's will; And stand in awe of what is done Prophecy fulfilled! January,2012 Leslie Ann Rummel Next PageNext Page
21 Jun, 13:26