Leslie Ann, AKA: L.A. Rummel Biography

My name is Leslie Rummel and I live in Georgia, U.S.A. I am originally from Alaska and Eugene, Oregon. I teach in the public school system and sing and write poetry when God moves and inspires me to do so! I was raised in an unchurched home, but because of people who came into my life, I was introduced to Christl. Don't get me wrong though, I had an AMAZING childhood with two of the most amazing parents a gal could EVER ask for. One of the reasons I do write is because my parents were amazing writers! ! ! I'm so thankful for them and the people in my journey who have poured into me, spiritually, and ultimately leading me to the Lord! I don't know what I'd do without those people in my life..., really!

When I was 30 years old, I joined choirs and began to sing. I also began to write poetry! My poems have been published around the world and in newspapers. I'm very happy about that because it gives me a chance to share my heart with the world! I believe that poetry is a very personal reflection of concepts of the heart, mind and soul, so even though people may evaluate our poetry, what really counts is how the poem reflects what it means to the writer. It is always hoped, of course, that others will be blessed by it, and it turn, share it with others. I believe, as a Christian, that anything that I am inspired to write will not come back void. There is a higher purpose, under the sun, for everything God gives us.

Moving along, I also teach in the public school system here in Georgia, and love to write songs for kids to help them remember concepts they need to learn. I just finished my 25th year with the school system, and it's been the perfect place to share my talent! I'm so very thankful to have found this website as another location to share my poetry. If you go to Google Search, and type in my name, you'll see many other locations where I've shared my soul :)

I absolutely love God's creation and marvel at what He has done for all of us! I pray that the poetry I post inspires people for years to come, so please enjoy it and feel free to share it with anyone you choose! God has given us His Truth, and He wants us to share it with the world! Don't be afraid to share the light, and don't be afraid to write a poem and share it! You never know who it'll bless! ! ! !

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