Lew Grade

[Lord Grade]

Biography of Lew Grade

Lew Grade, Baron Grade (25 December 1906 – 13 December 1998), born Lovat or Lev (Louis) Winogradsky, was a Ukrainian-born British media proprietor and impresario.

Originally a dancer, and later a talent agent, Grade's interest in television production began in 1954 when, in partnership, he successfully bid for franchises in the newly created ITV Network, which led to the creation of Associated Television (ATV). Having worked for a time in the United States, he was aware of the potential for the sale of TV programming to American networks, and a subsidiary, the Incorporated Television Company (ITC; commonly known as ITC Entertainment) was formed with this specific objective in mind. Grade had some success in this field, and these TV series – in particular The Prisoner (1967–68) — still have an international following.

Later, Grade invested in film production. However, several expensive box office failures caused him to lose control of ITC, and ultimately resulted in the distestablishment of ATV after it lost its ITV franchise.

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