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Biography of Lewis Findley

Early 50s. Photographer. Writer. My photography can be seen on the website over which I have been named webmaster as of 82014. Was active at numerous sites from roughly Jan 25 20" 1- March 20,2016...most notably the satellite cafe...then facebook.. (now on alternate social media - also do quite a lot of email too) writers cafe, also world poetry open Mic, came so PH After was called, (I love this, note the initials) Protestant Heretic at I m d b. Com concerning Ad the bible continues by " a member of the true church"

Caterer to the cause of third party independent and no or politics...they cater to minor people, like


If I have a quote it is

" All is fair in love and war but life plays by its own rulebook. Together these 3 qualities comprise that which is called...life's epic. And any epic other than Jesus Christ is an epic failure. Specifically my own."

Lewis Findley's Works:

None with strictly my own works in them, though several of my efforts are anthologically published

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A Clockwork Orange

Anno Domini - The Bible Continues...
Oh To be called a Protestant Fundamentalist Heretic Troll
By A Member of.. And I quote.. THE TRUE Christian Church....
As I recall my history... The Reformation was rife with reformers who were called similar names by members of.. and I Quote.. Members of.. The True Church... in... Rome.....

Can it be... The Nova Roma.. and The CLockwork Orange are one and the Same... GGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAASSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPPP! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No Great Civiliza

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