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Hello! My name is Lexi and I am a poet and a lyricist. Some of these are lyrics, some are not. You'll be able to tell because when you click on them, the lyrics will have verses, choruses, etc. and the poems won't. I enjoy doing what I do and hope to write forever more. If you have any requests for a poem or lyrics, I'd be more than happy to write it and/or record it for you (I do what I do for free) . Unfortunately I probably won't have music to my songs, but they make nice acapellas! =) Message me for more info on this service or on anything else you may wonder about. XOXO! Keep writing!

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Don'T Call Me

Don't Call Me

Verse 1: I don't really care what you think now! You pretended to me anyway! Now I gotta
change my number, and make sure you don't know it again!

Chorus: Don't call me, I don't wanna know! It's not my business no more, so why don't you
leave me alone! I've moved on with my life, got a new portrait, and your not in it! ! ! !

Verse 2: You'll probably come crawling back to me, but I'll just shut the door in your face.

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