Lexie Mulkey

Rookie (May 14,1997-?)

Biography of Lexie Mulkey

She was born in Forthood, Texas in 1997. She started writing when she was very young around the age of 12. She says the source of her poems are from her 5th grade. During that year, she moved to Hattiesburge, Mississippi. Lexie says that year she didn't feel well loved or appreciated, so depression came and took a toll. The poem 'Suicide Smile' is a display of what depression can do. Even though at times her poems can sound a bit dark and make you think she is still suicidale, they sometimes mean something different that you truely have to think about. She says she got out of her depressin stage with the help of a church River Of Life which is in the Hattiesburg area. She says true poetry first came from God himself and he will remain the greatest poet. She believes that the best poems come from her faith. This year of 2010 she may only be thirteen, but her best poems are cutting lose.

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Standing Firm

Why am I convicted on the holy grounds
But in the flesh I feel nothing.
Why don't I stand strong when I am on the battlefield
But when I'm in the holy place I am like a rock standing firm in the ground.

Isn't it more importanat to be firm when I am with you,
But isn't it more important to be firm when I am on hte battlefield fighting for you.

I may seem firm in the human eye but I am like mesh in the eye of the spirt.

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