Lezlie Tripathy

Lezlie Tripathy Quotes

  • ''If you have chosen to walk down the right path of integrity and values and you're willing to keep walking despite obstacles, hideous enemies hurting, scandalising you, eventually you'll be called an Icon, a Torch-bearer, a Hero an Inspiration, a Brave Heart, a Role-Model''
    Lezlie Tripathy
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  • ''I'm no stranger to back-stabbing, psychos, suffering, stalkers, betrayals and dissapointments. Hence I always empathise with the voiceless and helpless. I want them to know I am always there for them as a friend to help them smile and stay happy and shall fight for their justice and empower them.''
    Lezlie Tripathy

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Its funny surviving in this world
You have to survive these silly classmates
Their constant interferences
Their craze for Hrithik Roshan and Brad Pitt
No one lives in the Real World
Its either virtually reel or real
You have to survive the teacher's wrath
or Philip Roth
or Shobha De

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