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hi em i know my poems are NOT cheerful so i dont want people to point that obvious point out.Imn not very good, well at least i dont think i am.I just need a release and thats what this is for.If anyone has any questions just ask i would like to know your opnions on them.and please no nasty comments thanks bye x Updates

Beautiful Angel

You are gone now but you never left my mind or heart
I miss you every day and i feel slightly broken hearted,
My beautiful fairy godmother so talented and so true
the worlds a little darker now, now that it dosent have you,
But you wouldnt have wanted us to mourn or feel pity on your death
you would be happy you are finally free to be among the air the land and the sea
to see all of natures wonders without any restraints, Do you look down over all of us that i know you do, do you see

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