Liam Hughes

Freshman - 523 Points (25/03/1991 / Bedfordshire, UK)

Biography of Liam Hughes

There's not alot to be said really, I've been writing poems since I was about 8 years old, obviously they have grown and developed as I've entered adulthood. I'm not well educated, more self educated so therefore I make some mistakes however I don't feel that poetry needs to be perfect from a literary point of veiw. Its just an expression of self. The words have there own meaning without rules. Updates

Time Will Never Stop

Going faster than time itself
Keep your head and keep your health
Your mind is numb can't control the thought
It's time to teach what you've been taught

Motion sickness pleasures gone
Find the answer that is wrong
Find them knocking at your door
You don't know who it's for

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