Liam O'Brien

Liam O'Brien Poems

1. Ever Still 12/1/2012
2. To Love The Language 12/1/2012
3. At The Jazz Band Ball 12/1/2012
4. Passion 12/1/2012
5. Sleep Debt 12/1/2012
6. A Challenge 12/1/2012
7. Grief 12/1/2012
8. Ophelia 12/1/2012
9. Monsters 12/1/2012
10. A Weathered Man 12/28/2012
11. The Lonely Lifesaver 12/28/2012
12. Silhouette 1/1/2013
13. Rebirth 1/5/2013
14. Judge Me 1/5/2013
15. Beggared Belief 2/5/2013
16. To The Good 2/5/2013
17. She Smiled Wide 2/5/2013
18. The Free, The Birds 2/5/2013
19. The Salesman 12/1/2012
20. Infestants 12/1/2012
21. Breath 12/1/2012
22. Watchers 12/1/2012
23. Silence 12/1/2012
24. The Sleeper 12/1/2012

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Best Poem of Liam O'Brien

The Sleeper

Let Sleeper do as Sleeper does
And Dreamer men take flight in haze;
For while one wastes their precious time,
The other makes most of their days.

Let Sleeper do as Sleeper does
While Romantic laughs and cries;
For the first shall miss their life,
The other feel until he dies.

Let Sleeper do as Sleeper does
For Sleeper still can dream;
Dream of a more romantic time,
Be three, but yet one seem.

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The Salesman

My lords and ladies, knights and squires,
Tonight shall see ye bask in fires
That do not light until the day
Has passed and is gone on its way
Then are heralded by choirs.

These fires seen but unknown are
Far from here, so very far,
So you would know from distant view

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