Libbie Jones

Rookie (March 16th,1991 / Saginaw, Michigan)

Biography of Libbie Jones

While i was growing up i was always on the go.. Every morning i would get dropped off at the baby sitters.. There was always for someone to play with over there.. I was the type of girl who always was one of the guys. There was nothing like building forts in the woods or down in the basement and going down to the crick to catch crayfish and frogs. I would always come back to the house so dirty and full of mud. Those were the days =]..
I played sports such as powder puff, basketball, soccer and then on the weekends i would play street hockey with the guys; I was the goalie.. My favorite thing about sports that i played was setting goals and accomplishing them.

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Opened Eyes

I only ask
of one simple task
come down from the clouds
and open your eyes
What do you see?
I see possibilties; things that could be

Image, would you
from my point of view

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