Libby Legris

Biography of Libby Legris

hi my name is libby and i love to play football and skate board, but poems is what i do best. i was first inspired in health class when i saw and heard about all the bad things that are happening in these peoples, mostly teenagers, lifes and it is just horrible.

Libby Legris's Works:

i like twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn by stephanie meyer. then glass, impulse, crank, and burned by ellen hopkins Updates


Have you ever thought about dying?
If you had a funeral, would your friends come?
Ever wonder if you dream when you're asleep and never felt you pain again?
I do, only because i dont have to run.

See me as I am, will you help me find the answer?
Hear me as i speak, all you hear is blank.
Have you ever saw what I am beneath?
Ever been called a slut or a skank?

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