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I am a poet / writer.. writing stories (some for children and adult fairy stories, light fantasy and spirtual) , poetry, There are many writer s and poets that have influenced my work Shakespeare love the plays timeless quality with the ability to be able to speak and cut through the generations, his gift for words and poetic skills are incomparable.. Keats.. such delicious imagery.. but I love the written word and love to read copiously, any new poetry I also like.. I am in awe of artists that illustrate their are some faery artists that are outstandng.. and provide me with much inspiration.. I thank and love them all.. Thsnkyou for dropping by my wishes are for you to have a blessed day Libithina

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I have self published six books of my articles and poetry.. I am pleased to be in my seventh year this year.. even the cover and binding and some of the paper is all done by me.. I also contribute to various magazines a couple of specialised faery magazines but also spiritual, mind and body quarterlys. Shold anyone want any more information just dropp me a line.. Updates

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