Lideth Quilario

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Biography of Lideth Quilario

Ma. lideth O. Quilario was also known as Camille. Born in cebu city, Philippines. Born on August 6,1995. Studied in University of San jose- Recoletos taking up Hospitality Mangement(HM) . Lideth is the daughter of Emerdita Quilario and Oliver Quilario. Lideth is the eldest of the siblings. Lideth is a type of person that never give up as long he can do things. She is a very lovely, bubly, friendly, talkative, appreciative, funny, loves music, loves composing quotes and poems, loves composing short stories, and there's more loves to sing and dance.She is a type of person that is bound of hopes and dreams, dreams that soon and never failed to achieve. And so by the help of Almighty God up Above. Updates

Im Here For You

Ears to listen every problems you had.
Eyes to see every tears drop from your face.
Mouth to say good words that can make you feel better.
Shoulders for you to lean on.
Arms to shelter and cuddle you when you feel lonely and alone.
And a heart that is ready to love you and promise never to hurt you.

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