Lidija Cvetkovic

(1967 - / Yugoslavia)

Biography of Lidija Cvetkovic

Lidija Cvetkovic (born 1967) is a contemporary Australian poet.

Lidija Cvetkovic was born in the former Yugoslavia and emigrated to Australia with her family in 1980. She earned a BA at the University of Queensland and has worked as a teacher and currently as a psychologist. Her writing draws on her Yugoslav heritage and the former country's history in an intensely lyrical manner. Her War is Not the Season for Figs won the 2003 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize and the 2004 Anne Elder Award.

Lidija Cvetkovic's Works:

War Is Not The Season For Figs. (UQP, 2004)

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A Portrait Of My Father

My father draws a blade
along the wired frame
as we watch perfect rectangles
of honeycomb topple into
a stainless steel bowl.

From a hard earned
78 centimetre TV screen
a voice fires . . . massacres mass graves

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