• Light-cheerful Briggs Light-cheerful Briggs (10/6/2012 7:48:00 AM)

    Out of a little insanity
    I called you Helios
    The sun about which my
    Whole life is centered
    From thousands of mile away
    You look ethereal and elegant
    And enchanting indeed you are
    The embodiment of pure beauty you are
    And like a fairy goddess
    Hold a million stars in your eyes

    Eyes so gentle in its sockets
    Yet so full of life and brimstone
    Its effect on my innocent
    Timid, poor, naïve and unknowing heart
    For I thought I could behold
    Your majestic beauty
    Alas little did I know
    Your actually does scorch like Helios.


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Cat Eyes Girl

Men turn to behold her when she walks by!
She cat-walk so majestically like the stars in procession;
Flaunting her bedroom assets in the gallery of seduction
And the art of her abysmal nudity on the high bid,
For like a meal she's deliciously irresistible.
Her body's like a polished ivory, decorated with sapphire,
Her navel's like a rounded goblet that never lacks blended wine,
Her hips so arresting and lips so luscious,
Her breasts so full and firm, coupled with influential height

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