41. Queen Of Heaven 10/8/2012
42. ...Political Reason 10/8/2012
43. Reverse Is The Case 10/8/2012
44. My Viking Beauty 3 10/8/2012
45. Native Pot Of My Mother 10/8/2012
46. My Heart 10/8/2012
47. My World 10/8/2012
48. My Viking Beauty 2 10/8/2012
49. Sweet November Eight 10/10/2012
50. The Bright Moment 10/10/2012
51. The Bewitching Girl 10/10/2012
52. The Chariot Of My Crown 10/10/2012
53. Ancient One In Modernity 10/10/2012
54. The Last Days 10/10/2012
55. The African Tradition 10/10/2012
56. Supreme Mother 10/10/2012
57. Soul Of My Mortal 10/10/2012
58. The Glow No More The Glory 10/10/2012
59. I Am Sorry! 10/6/2012
60. I Am The Victim 10/6/2012
61. I Have A Dream 10/6/2012
62. I Love You 10/6/2012
63. If Only... 10/6/2012
64. In The Seed Cometh My Relpica 10/6/2012
65. It Blows No Man's Good 10/8/2012
66. It Shall Be No More 10/8/2012
67. Lovesick 10/8/2012
68. Last Night 10/8/2012
69. The Doom Dungeon 10/10/2012
70. The Memories 10/10/2012
71. Still Sowing In Tears 10/10/2012
72. The Crying Innocent 10/10/2012
73. The Light 10/10/2012
74. The King's Diadem 10/10/2012
75. The Goodnight Kisses 10/10/2012
76. Testimony Of A Shinobi 10/10/2012
77. The Great Briggs 10/10/2012
78. The Mother Sea 10/10/2012
79. The Caesarean Child 10/10/2012
80. Your True Beauty 10/18/2012


  • Light-cheerful Briggs Light-cheerful Briggs (10/6/2012 7:48:00 AM)

    Out of a little insanity
    I called you Helios
    The sun about which my
    Whole life is centered
    From thousands of mile away
    You look ethereal and elegant
    And enchanting indeed you are
    The embodiment of pure beauty you are
    And like a fairy goddess
    Hold a million stars in your eyes

    Eyes so gentle in its sockets
    Yet so full of life and brimstone
    Its effect on my innocent
    Timid, poor, naïve and unknowing heart
    For I thought I could behold
    Your majestic beauty
    Alas little did I know
    Your actually does scorch like Helios.


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My Mermaid Love

She is sexy with beautiful sexy swaying breasts,
Sensual flowing hair, mystifying, enchanting,
Fascinating, appealing, bewitching, alluring, beautiful
With a topless female form my eyes has ever seen
Thus it is she the water mermaid girl I love.

She is thus an emblem of sexual ambiguity,
She is erotic but passionless; a culturally charge gender
Model whose sedative capacity is valued over her reproductive capacity
Thus it is she the water mermaid girl I love.

She is an epitome of perfected beauty,
Having eternally youthful figure and erotic ...

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Beautiful And Compelling

You may not know
But you are everything
A man would long for
You are an enigma
The way you talk
The way you walk
The way you sleep
The way you…
I could go on and on

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