81. The First Conflict 10/18/2012
82. Working On The Sleeve Of Life 10/18/2012
83. Who Will I Love Again? 10/18/2012
84. What Do I Do? 10/18/2012
85. The Foolish Bachelorhood 10/31/2012
86. The Confessor 10/31/2012
87. Imagination 10/31/2012
88. To The Guillotine 10/31/2012
89. Her Name Is 'Ikwerre' 11/6/2012
90. In The Wallet Of My Heart 11/6/2012
91. I Hate You 4: 00 O'Clock 3/20/2014
92. My Oloibiri! 10/8/2012
93. O' Poverty 10/8/2012
94. Pledge To My Father 10/8/2012
95. Desiring Prayer 10/6/2012
96. Discharged And Acquitted 10/6/2012
97. Distinct Woman Of Mine 10/6/2012
98. My Viking 1 10/8/2012
99. His Last Words 10/6/2012
100. Cruelty In Beauty 10/6/2012
101. Cat Eyes Girl 10/6/2012
102. Great Akuku 10/6/2012
103. The Man Died 10/10/2012
104. Martin Luther King Jr. 10/8/2012
105. Struggle To Manhood 10/10/2012
106. Beautiful And Compelling 10/6/2012
107. My Mermaid Love 10/8/2012


  • Light-cheerful Briggs Light-cheerful Briggs (10/6/2012 7:48:00 AM)

    Out of a little insanity
    I called you Helios
    The sun about which my
    Whole life is centered
    From thousands of mile away
    You look ethereal and elegant
    And enchanting indeed you are
    The embodiment of pure beauty you are
    And like a fairy goddess
    Hold a million stars in your eyes

    Eyes so gentle in its sockets
    Yet so full of life and brimstone
    Its effect on my innocent
    Timid, poor, naïve and unknowing heart
    For I thought I could behold
    Your majestic beauty
    Alas little did I know
    Your actually does scorch like Helios.


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My Mermaid Love

She is sexy with beautiful sexy swaying breasts,
Sensual flowing hair, mystifying, enchanting,
Fascinating, appealing, bewitching, alluring, beautiful
With a topless female form my eyes has ever seen
Thus it is she the water mermaid girl I love.

She is thus an emblem of sexual ambiguity,
She is erotic but passionless; a culturally charge gender
Model whose sedative capacity is valued over her reproductive capacity
Thus it is she the water mermaid girl I love.

She is an epitome of perfected beauty,
Having eternally youthful figure and erotic ...

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Desiring Prayer

Waited have I so long a time for thy love;
And have abide continence too long for thy sake,
Desiring and praying for a seraph of thy genre
To trek the charming region of my castle.

Upon the constancy of thy beauty my desiring prayer
And upon that my views are muffled on other beauties,
And my Eustachian tube deaf, not be attacked by expression of love
For I seek no other beauty in this mortal paradise but thee.

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