Lil Davis

Biography of Lil Davis

Most of my poetry is simply me expressing how i feel. Often I am able to write my feelings better than to verbalise them.
I have been writing poetry since the age of 10 or so. The poem 'A poem from my daughter' was written by my 12 year old daughter. It seems she has followed in my footsteps of being able to express herself through poetry. The poem is beautiful just as she is.
Most of my poetry is of love or is what it is. PLease feel free to leave comments or feedback. Enjoy! Updates


Like a memory from the past you come back unexpectidly.
Your'e a mystery man,
But i should know you like the back of my hand.

Emotions are running high and strong,
But I am told thet my feelings are wrong.
Too young to recall any happy days.
Too old to gorget the times when you weren't there.
I aways thought you didn't care.

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