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You consume my mind, my heart, my body
Dare I say you are the object of my obsession?
Every waking hour its you I have running through my veins
You are like a habit I just can not quite
A tie I just can not break
A past I just can not seem to leave behind

You make me happy, you make me sad
You make me laugh but boy you have made me cry too
Yet I can’t seem to think of anything but you

Life goes by day by day
Memories do not fade
Feelings do not weaken
Too entangled in what we had
Wondering why we let it go

We both know we fit so well ...

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Like a memory from the past you come back unexpectidly.
Your'e a mystery man,
But i should know you like the back of my hand.

Emotions are running high and strong,
But I am told thet my feelings are wrong.
Too young to recall any happy days.
Too old to gorget the times when you weren't there.
I aways thought you didn't care.

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