Lilia Fer.

Rookie - 30 Points [coffeeshops] (02/03/1992 / Rio de Janeiro)

Biography of Lilia Fer.

I am a Brazilian student. I live in the most beautiful city in the world, Rio de Janeiro. My dream is to study Fashion or Journalism. I have a hidden love for History and Archeology.

My family is my great source of happiness.
My family also includes two of the sweetest dogs in the world and a pesky, lazy cat.

Ill write about anything personal for me and things I want to remember about...
Can you imagine how grateful I'll be for my past self when I read all this?

I don't rhyme because I don't worry enough to do so. It pains my head and that's the last thing I want to feel while enjoying myself.

On a side note, I hope you have a very good day! Updates

A Poem For You

When the sky turns lime green
When my office's windows are clean
That's when I'll stop loving you.

When dogs meows
And cats barks
When eyes no more sparkle
That's when I'll stop loving you

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