Lilian Chromious Eveson

Biography of Lilian Chromious Eveson

The first thing about me is that I'm only using a pen name because it really amuses me. My poems are written in different kinds of emotions. I love books, poems, sonnets and different kinds of arts. I am also a fan of Shakespeare's works like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and many more. I admire Michelangelo's sculptures and paintings since I myself draw some things. Though I am unfortunately still a 14-year old kid, I dare say, that I am far wiser than what my age tells. I am still stuck in my youth so any kind of mistake(s) that anyone might find is/are inevetible. As far as I know many might mistake me for a young lady, but as far as I know, I am boy...with a very creative and twisted mind. Updates

The End Of Me

With my earphones in total max out,
With no idea what everything was about,
I turn my eyes towards the darkened sky,
And mutter to the world my one final goodbye.

No more promises to make and break,
No more sacrifices for anyone's sake,
I'm going to end my breath tonight,
As I watch everything vanish in my sight.

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