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Lilibeth Sacmar Apat Poems

41. Happy Birthday, Friend! 6/24/2011
42. For Mommy Dyne 6/24/2011
43. Love 5/17/2010
44. Untitled 5/17/2010
45. Cheese 5/17/2010
46. Goodbye? 5/17/2010
47. Always Someone Up There 5/17/2010
48. Lost 6/4/2010
49. The Senses 6/4/2010
50. The Meeting 6/4/2010
51. Sometimes… 6/4/2010
52. Mismatch 6/4/2010
53. Caught Between Giving Up And Holding On 6/4/2010
54. Home 6/4/2010
55. You 6/4/2010
56. Of Thoughts And Rhymes 10/15/2010
57. The Unfathomable Sea 5/17/2010
58. Say … Cheese! 5/17/2010
59. It’s The Thought That Counts 10/15/2010
60. What More Can I Ask For? 6/4/2010
61. Blue 6/23/2005
62. If Only… 5/16/2010
63. Rain 2/20/2005
64. Dada 3/12/2005

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I feel kinda different,
Time to go home
My feet seem to have wings
My heart sings a happy tune.

Been like this since we got married
Never knew you'd make me happy every single moment
In my world of hatred and anguish
You make coming home such a great relief

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I Could Have Been

I could have been a cookie, I could have been a cake
I could have been a juice, even a cola drink
I could have been whatever people want me to be
But is that what I want? Would that have made me happy?

I could have been the flour kneaded to produce bread
Or I could have been the beef you put in between
I can even be something that tickles your fancy
But will I be satisfied with whatever I'll be?

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