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Lillian B. Rose poet

I am the only daughter of Tiger: the rabbit and Turtle: The Leo. A conservative contemplative Christian who married a conservative evangelical humanitarian. I am in my late thirties and I have been writing pieces for about 28 years. Rarely seeking publication. Lillian B. Rose is a pen name I use on 7 websites and a profile on my email.
I joined poem-hunter under my Pen Name and also have prose on

Too often the things I write cause a waves of callous remarks to float around me. The reason I write under a pen name is to quiet the gossip circles when I write anything because it is often personal in some form or fashion. Socially I am often challenged by liberals causing me to patch up my marriage with healing love. Sometimes the best of life results from a period of personal growth. Life is going to have potholes, and mountains but when we steady each other, they are less noticeable.

Lillian B. Rose's Works:

Any published work is under my birth name. Updates

The Season's End (1997)

People change with every season
Straying and punishing hard
Turning an innocent little gesture
Into an astonishing discover

Teasing with words
That cut deep as a knife
Knocking you unconscious
Anger Clouding over you

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