Lillian Susan Thomas

Lillian Susan Thomas Poems

1. Gray Sunday Put To Good Use 4/10/2009
2. Old Age 4/10/2009
3. Sap-Rising Song 4/11/2009
4. 'Rising...' 4/15/2009
5. Haircut 4/20/2009
6. Manifesto Of Myself 4/20/2009
7. First Car Totaled 4/17/2009
8. Tornado Fantasies 4/24/2009
9. Senryu Series V: Migratory Lay-Over 4/28/2009
10. San Antonio Super-Walk 5/4/2009
11. In The Ticking Of A Clock.... 5/5/2009
12. Witness To Ike On Galveston Island 5/6/2009
13. Haiku #7 5/8/2009
14. Scenery From A Bus 5/8/2009
15. How I Break Free Of Depression And Find Poetry Again 5/12/2009
16. Haiku Series V: Sierra Madre Homecoming 5/13/2009
17. Indian Paintbrushes With Bluebonnets 5/14/2009
18. Umbilical Chain Of Love 5/16/2009
19. *perpetual Motion 5/16/2009
20. 'I Am Building A Skeleton...' 5/24/2009
21. To The Goddess In All Of Us 5/27/2009
22. In The Fireworks Business Of Words 6/1/2009
23. Like Buckshot 6/2/2009
24. *'This Moth With Circled Eyespots...' 6/4/2009
25. *tanka 3: Things That End 6/5/2009
26. Haiku #25 6/16/2009
27. Haiku #26 6/16/2009
28. *tanka 4: Meteor Shower 6/30/2009
29. *tanka 6: Cow Egrets 7/4/2009
30. *tanka 7: Ground Fog 7/5/2009
31. *tanka 8: Stranger 8/1/2009
32. Snails Walk Out Of Their Shells 8/6/2009
33. *tanka 10: Tree Frog 8/10/2009
34. *tanka 11: Raindrops Collect 8/12/2009
35. *the Common Moments 8/12/2009
36. *tanka 12: Cane Break 8/14/2009
37. Poetry Comes Up Through My Feet 8/27/2009
38. 'When I Saw The City In A Fog...' 4/20/2009
39. Haiku Series Ii: Honey Making 4/25/2009
40. Sermon, Accompanied By Woodwinds 4/16/2009

Comments about Lillian Susan Thomas

  • Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee (1/16/2010 6:32:00 PM)

    Reminds me of Wordsworth's Upon Westminster Bridge.... really touching description

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  • fleur de lys (12/15/2009 7:41:00 AM)

    One of the finest poets I have had the pleasure of discovering on PoemHunter.

  • Wiskey Pete (7/23/2009 10:21:00 PM)

    Lillian, I must admit I was impressed by your
    work. You have a wonderful way of drawing
    the reader in.

    Very nice.

Best Poem of Lillian Susan Thomas

Beauty Of Imperfection

Hard shelled,
Smoothed by many currents, many tides,
Buffing it with all that sand
As waves cycle through,
A cool fleshy lump of life
Lifts a finger
To get the weather report
On the motion of the seas;
Lifts a hand to grab morsels
From the smorgasbord passing by.
And deep within the briny, sweet pulp
A tiny blemish enters,
Creating a dimple
In its silken, delicate skin.
And that seed of sand -
Like the pea under the princess's mattress -
The oyster worries,
Turning and turning it,
Bathing it in tears,
Coating it with slime, ...

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The Lost Language

When I gave myself to him,
It was the perfect rhyme of couplets.
He: the smack of consonants against teeth and lips;
And I was all the vowels in long sighs and high-pitched pleasure.
The words we formed now buzz in the silence,
Almost audible in this empty apartment, humming me to sleep.
A lost tongue never to be spoken again -
No matter how many tongues of how many lovers
Touch so lightly this skin again

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