Lillian Susan Thomas

Lillian Susan Thomas Poems

161. *into The Translucent Morning 2/15/2010
162. *haiku #40 9/26/2009
163. *love Of Bridges 6/20/2009
164. *if Freestone Drops Into Dreams, Will It Ripple? 6/4/2009
165. Drowning 2/15/2010
166. A Waltz Wave: Memory Of A Kiss 10/3/2009
167. Burning Mountain 5/15/2009
168. As Magnolia Petals Drop 5/16/2009
169. *secrets Of Grass 7/2/2009
170. A Waltz Wave: Dream Of Fishes 10/16/2009
171. *in The Afterglow, A Couple Sleeps 7/31/2009
172. A Waltz Wave: Upon A Glacial Lake 12/2/2009
173. *fragrant With Heaven 9/3/2009
174. A Waltz Wave: Mountain Tops 10/23/2009
175. A Waltz Wave: Gathering Wildflowers (Rewrite) 11/8/2009
176. Another Triolet Attempt 8/10/2009
177. *moonlight Sestina 7/30/2009
178. Dreams And Dreams Come Back To Me 10/30/2009
179. A Student's Temptation 7/29/2009
180. A Waltz Wave: Winter Locusts 10/9/2009
181. *memories, Shaped By Wind I: Child Of Duststorms 5/23/2009
182. A Waltz Wave: Midas Touch Of Dawn 11/6/2009
183. Day Sleepers 9/10/2009
184. A Waltz Wave: Dust Of Hay 10/24/2009
185. Day Breaks Like Crystal 5/22/2009
186. You Fed Me Oranges 6/22/2009
187. Between Us 12/26/2009
188. *leaving Rose Hips 10/29/2009
189. *hunting My Wayward Heart 7/12/2009
190. *love And Silk Sheets 6/21/2009
191. *from The Stone Cut 7/17/2009
192. Aftermath Of Rape (Revised) 7/26/2009
193. A Waltz Wave: Fall Leaves Fly 10/5/2009
194. *hymen Splitting 5/22/2009
195. A Slender Sliver Of Light 8/17/2009
196. *'I Am Building A Skeleton...' 5/24/2009
197. Beauty Of Imperfection 7/3/2009

Comments about Lillian Susan Thomas

  • Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee (1/16/2010 6:32:00 PM)

    Reminds me of Wordsworth's Upon Westminster Bridge.... really touching description

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  • fleur de lys (12/15/2009 7:41:00 AM)

    One of the finest poets I have had the pleasure of discovering on PoemHunter.

  • Wiskey Pete (7/23/2009 10:21:00 PM)

    Lillian, I must admit I was impressed by your
    work. You have a wonderful way of drawing
    the reader in.

    Very nice.

Best Poem of Lillian Susan Thomas

Beauty Of Imperfection

Hard shelled,
Smoothed by many currents, many tides,
Buffing it with all that sand
As waves cycle through,
A cool fleshy lump of life
Lifts a finger
To get the weather report
On the motion of the seas;
Lifts a hand to grab morsels
From the smorgasbord passing by.
And deep within the briny, sweet pulp
A tiny blemish enters,
Creating a dimple
In its silken, delicate skin.
And that seed of sand -
Like the pea under the princess's mattress -
The oyster worries,
Turning and turning it,
Bathing it in tears,
Coating it with slime, ...

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I Miss Love

I miss deep kisses wet with longing.
I miss hands that know where to touch to quicken my pulse
And strong arms around me.
I miss the needs of a man I care about,
I miss feeding his naked hunger.
I miss slow dancing in each others' arms.
But most of all I miss love.

I miss soft sweetnesses whispered in my ear.

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