lillianne terrell

Rookie (july 11 1997 / hospital unversity)

Biography of lillianne terrell

my name is lillianne terrell.I got to say one thing unless you've lived my life don't judge me because you don't know, never have, never will know every little thing and detail about me.

I am the author of my life the only problem is that im writing in pen and i can't erase my mistakes.

I DON'T care if you like me or not, because its to be hated for who you are, than loved for who your not

I'm not perfect neither is my life but i loved myself and respect my self to know that life is to short to be complaining about nothing in life

Just remember LIFE IS TO SHORT to waste your time on little this in life Updates

Left Alone

my mother is gone
she left me all alone
waiting for her return
god saying its not my turn
now don't know what to do
because i'm lost without you
I hope you return because i'm still waiting
but i know i have to be patient
though i got to wait from now on

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