lilly flett

Rookie (16th april 1996 / dusseldorff germany)

Biography of lilly flett

i was born in germany in 1996, i started to write poems when i was 7 years of age. I find it rather easy to express my feelings through art an poetry, i enjoy poetry because you can write freely and as much or little as you want. My mother started me of on art and poetry, she helpes me with my poetry she tells me that I can enjoy what i do. So when writing poems i think freely and let my mind and emotions take over. The poem ' Army wife ' is based on my emotions towards the army as my brother has just joined and i shall be joining in 2 years.

lilly flett's Works:

I have not published any books as yet but i shall be writing more poems mostly based on the Army life. Updates

Army Wife!

I knew it was him,
He the one i fell in love with at first sight,
but somehow it didnt feel right,
His hair like the midnight sky,
His eyes sea blue, the kind that you could drown in,
My heart racing faster than it has ever before,
Then BANG! ! !
To my knees i fell,
My full heart shattered and torn,

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