Lily Espinosa

Lily Espinosa Poems

41. Maybe I Feel The Same 8/22/2005
42. Little Girl 7/26/2005
43. The Things That Nightmares Are Made Of 7/27/2005
44. Kindness Of A Stranger 7/11/2005
45. Hiding 7/25/2005
46. Slice Into Flesh 7/25/2005
47. I'M In Your Element Baby 7/26/2005
48. Goodbye To Me 7/26/2005
49. Lure Of The Forbidden Fruit 7/26/2005
50. Theres Nothing Like Killing Yourself - Part 2 2/19/2005
51. A Bad Month, A Bad Life 2/18/2005
52. Crap Little Poem 7/6/2005
53. Why Did You Have To Show Me That Side? 7/31/2005
54. A Painting Fit For A King 8/2/2005
55. I Don'T Need 8/2/2005
56. Winters Whisper 12/18/2005
57. Broken Pieces 12/28/2005
58. Merciless Regret 1/5/2006
59. Back Where I Belong 1/25/2006
60. What Becomes Of A Child? 2/10/2006
61. What Are You Thinking? 5/5/2006
62. Power 6/29/2006
63. Unwanted, Yet Ever-Present 7/20/2006
64. This Is My Revelation 10/2/2006
65. Even Today 10/2/2006
66. Spilt All Over The Page 11/2/2007
67. A 11/2/2007
68. Micky Take- 'A' 11/2/2007
69. Everyday (They Just Won'T Quit) 6/29/2006
70. Excitement In A Library 11/1/2007
71. Two Different People 3/23/2005
72. Time For A New Beginning 4/12/2005
73. Heros 2/18/2005
74. Blindly Vigelent 2/18/2005
75. It's Dead 2/18/2005
76. Please, Never Leave 9/16/2005
77. You'Re The Angel, I'M The Punishment 9/21/2005
78. My Desire 7/6/2005
79. Inevitable Fate 9/4/2005
80. Keeping My Hands To Myself 6/2/2005

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  • Mary Nagy (6/1/2005 11:50:00 AM)

    Yes, you are a poet, and a very good one. sincerely, Mary

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Best Poem of Lily Espinosa

Death Of A Soul Mate; Death Of The Girl

Her hero's gone away,
Will he come back another day?
She could not say.

She let her soul mate run away,
And something inside of her died.
'Now I don't want to come out and play',
The little girl cried.

Left all alone in such a big world,
He is not there to protect her,
No longer will he make her feel safe
In his warm embrace.

He used to love her but things have changed,
The girl is alone.
She let her soul mate escape,
Her insides hollow, the girl is left opaque.

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The Way Of Life

Isn't it strange,
How life has a way,
Of tricking you.
Issues kept from childhood,
Brushed so far away, they have seemingly been 'dealt with',
Except they haven't.
Only when re-faced with the problem do you realise it was never really solved,
That there was a grudge being kept,
A cobweb to be swept away,

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