Lily Espinosa

Lily Espinosa Poems

81. A Simple Little Poem 6/1/2005
82. Help Is Lost For You 2/18/2005
83. You'Ll Never Know Until You Try 8/11/2005
84. I Won'T Replace Her 3/23/2005
85. Oil And Water 8/28/2005
86. Don'T Play With My Emotions 5/6/2006
87. To Be Loved 5/29/2005
88. So Tired 5/26/2005
89. 1st Happy Poem 4/2/2005
90. Words Of Comfort 2/18/2005
91. Theres Nothing Like Killing Yourself 2/19/2005
92. Truth Hurts 5/28/2005
93. When Sleep Neglects 12/18/2005
94. 100th Poem 12/18/2005
95. Late At Night 8/19/2005
96. 22: 06 2/20/2005
97. Where Are You? 7/26/2005
98. Sensations 5/30/2005
99. The Long Wait- My Message To You 2/17/2005
100. See It All Works Out In The End (I Always Knew I'D Come Back To You) 6/14/2005
101. Self Destruction Fuels Creativity 5/28/2005
102. And If I Knew? 12/13/2005
103. Guilt 5/30/2005
104. The Beginning 2/17/2005
105. Just A Thought 5/29/2005
106. Everyones Happy 6/13/2005
107. Death Of A Soul Mate; Death Of The Girl 5/29/2005

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  • Mary Nagy (6/1/2005 11:50:00 AM)

    Yes, you are a poet, and a very good one. sincerely, Mary

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Best Poem of Lily Espinosa

Everyones Happy

So this is how it ends,
You're happy,
I'm happy,
He's happy,
We're all happy.

It wasn't meant to be and we can live with that,
You can have him back,
And whether we continue to dislike eachother doesn't matter,
I don't particularly care.

All that matters is that i'm free of any connection with you,
Me and him remain friends,
And everyone's happy again.

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1st Happy Poem

I thought it could never happen,
I'd sit alone and ponder it,
Angelic thoughts of us trailing through my mind,
Me and you,
You and me,
Walking hand in hand,
Fingers entwined,
Hearts combined.