Lily Espinosa Poems

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The Leak In My Bubble Of Happiness

I've tried to like you,
But have never succeeded,
Now i have a reason to dislike you,
You're in the way.

I Want To Be...

I want to be you,
I want to pick and choose,
To seek out and destroy.
Sick of waiting,

Whats The Good?

What’s the good, of an amazing ten hour dream
When it can't become reality?
If the only way i can have you is in the depths of sleep,
I want to be summoned to an eternity of the subconscious,

How Low

How low is it possible to sink?
Below the surface of smiles,
Past the warm grip of arms,
Through the rocks that indicate the bottom,

At Present

I love you so completely,
But hate that it destroys every part of me.
If I could end this tormenting knowledge,
Would I?

Amante Español

If I could sleep forever,
You would be my constant dream.
Only here can you exist
And be what it seems.

As I Sit Here

As I sit here with
Good company, good music, good food,
I feel a cool breeze on my back,
See the sun shining outside the window,

I Know You'Ll Never Read This

I know you'll never read this,
But here it is, just for you;
I'm opening my heart to you and it closing others.
It's been nestling for months,

End This Now

I'll end this now
because it's what you want,
I cover it with laughs and smiles,
Encourage our usual witty jokes.

I Miss You

I know I shouldn't,
Feel these things for you
My unrequited emotions, running high
Only hurt myself,